Can you quantum test prayer

  • Overview
    The push back people use when people try to setup experiment(Like The Harvard Prayer Experiment) to test the validity of various claims regarding prayer is usually "You can not test god". However this pushback leads to several paradoxes.
    • Paradoxes
      • Every testimony is a test
        I'm quite interested in what religious activities people do and why people do them, so I have attended a lot of church sessions where there are people give testimony to justify conversion to (usually Christianity). The testimony usually go something like after start believe god and praying, they either get good jobs, or go through hardships of life, etc. It's basically equivalent of saying "I tested praying, it worked". So unless people keep the information private between them and god, every testimony is a test.
      • Condition that invalidate all prayer
        If testing make prayer not work and therefore couldn't be tested, people can just setup an experiment that will track at least a subset of population's prayer result. If the "you can not test god" is true, the setup of the experiment will invalidate all the prayer that person does which seems to be like a "bug" of a system.
      • Similar to quantum state reveal
        Post modernist likes to attribute the "mysteriousness" of how prayer work to the spookiness of quantum physics. Although most of it is just normies like you and me misunderstanding the spookiness of quantum physics, there is actually some merit in this comparison. When a photon/electron is observed, it "solidifies" the state of the "decision" the photon/electron made, which made it analyzable using statistic method. Similarly if we setup experiment track people's prayer which already have result, as a result, even if those participant agreed to be in the experiment, their prayer was sincere and not a test at the moment of the prayer therefore were all valid prayers for statistical analysis purpose.
  • Digress
    • To establish why quantum test would be the only test that's worth running on prayer
      • People usually pray for cancer for remission but not amputees to regrow because there's claim1: prayer only work on mysterious properties.
      • Similarly prayer experiment could be run on Random number generators, however most random number generators on computers are Pseudo Random which means it's deterministic, that is probably not mysterious enough.
  • So here is the experiment
    • Problems to address
      • The prayers have to be sincere and not knowing it's an experiment
      • (Only some claims) Cause have to be noble, and can't be "I want a car" or something like that, although it's not a universal concern, still worth to be addressed
      • Process also have to be blind for researcher to reduce the cognitive bias.
      • To have comparison point, we need to pick something that at neutral state has a statistical 50/50 chance. QRNG's neutral state is know, which is if do it enough time, it should be 50/50. 
    • Experiment design: The QRNG donation challenge
      • Setup a youtube/twitch/etc. live stream of QRNG(quantum random number generator) generating bits, setup a period for each session to make the donation.
      • The stream also covers a conditions that for every excess "1s / 0s"(decided but not revealed, but fully recorded to ensure no cheating) donate 1$ to foodbank. The viewer do not know the condition but god knows, with prayers to donate more, god would know which number to increase.
      • When time runs out, reveal the condition and the result infront of the livestream and make the donation.
      • Run several rounds
    • Hypothesis
      • Because most people will be praying for more donation to foodbank (unless you believe more religious are evil than benign), at each research session, there should be positive amount of donation.
      • The amount should be quite large, as "solve world hunger" is a common prayer so people does not need to be watching the stream to be praying for that. Therefore should sway the QRNG in the direction of goal written on the paper.
      • Even if you argue that the people watching the stream will know that you are testing prayer, all those who are praying to end world hunger who's not watching the stream does not know it's a test and are sincere.
      • The goal is not selfish, the goal is noble so according to major religious explanations, the prayer should be answered.

Libertarian Free Will is Still an Incoherent Concept


It seems that the more we investigate, it's more likely that we are just a more complex and less precise (because of analog signal instead of digital) LLM(maybe less language specific) like ChatGPT. It's hard for most to grasp because it goes against most people intimately familiar gut feelings. I might be wrong but the notion of "understanding" is about hitting a critical mass of processing power. We are very similar, we take in external stimulus and spit out response, if one day a machine's response is indistinguishable from a human response, whether the blackbox "understands" the concept is irrelevant. I don't consider it a bad thing, but I think a significant portion of population will think it's a bad thing.

Physics engines to investigate

  • 1- Project Chrono
    • C++, Python
  • 2- ReactPhysics3D
    • C++, ZLib
  • 3- Open Dynamics Engine (ODE)
    • C/C++
  • 4- qu3e
    • C/C++
  • 5- Bullet Physics SDK and PyBullet
    • C++, Python
  • 6- Kubric PyBullet
    • Python
  • 7- Chipmunk2D
    • C
  • 8- Box2D
    • C++
  • 9- PhysX
    • Proprietary
  • 10- Jolt Physics
    • C++
  • 11- bepuphysics
    • C#
  • 12- Brax 
    • JAX
  • 13- MuJoCo
  • 14- dyn4j
    • JAVA
  • 15- Matter.js
  • 16- ODE4J
    • JAVA

Windows guest account issue

There's an issue on windows that when you need privileged/elevated account to run certain program that needs UAC confirmation for lower level system functions, the application would be using that admin account as user which means the Appdata, Document, etc. would be for the admin account. This is an issue for self-updating software, when updating, the software needs elevated status to modify the system which means after update, the user would need to close the program that had UAC confirmation and reopen it using the guest account.

This is an interesting question where how the software architecture should be designed. How can a software update non-core part without needing elevated account.

Weird Exploit (Windows 10)

I have a laptop during a weird era where the manufacturer has a 128G ssd as system drive and 1-2TB data drive HDD.

Problem with that is even if you install all programs on D drive, there are a lot of common/system files that windows likes to do it on C drive and you can't change it.

I usually do it on per directory bases which is - make symbolic link when a common folder of one software and make it symbolic link.

It is a) very tedious b) can't keep track

During the reinstall (my data drive is broken, bad luck, restoring data), I think "why don't I make the whole Users, Program Files, ProgramData etc symbolic"? Then I encountered a problem here: Windows won't let you move the directory , it always will say "access denied" no matter how you manipulate the access with icacls. The people who answered the post managed to use linux boot disk to delete the folder on C drive.

I had similar issue. Even when in recovery mode Command Prompt where I know that no program is using the folder, it always have "access denied".

However I found an "Exploit", while it doesn't allow you to move the folder, it allow you to rename the folder.

So the process becomes: xcopy the folder to d drive, rename the original folder then create the symbolic link.

It is a quite good word-around that it won't need the use to linux boot disk to delete the original folder thus allowing the creating of symbolic link

Hope it works.

Installing Haru Emulator on 20.04

  • Changes
    • Ubuntu 20.04 uses 
      Install instruction
    • ROS package code change
      sudo apt-get update

      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-msgs
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-visualization
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-driver
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-orbbec
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-lip-sync
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-image-analyser
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-launch
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-ros-woz
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-telegram-bot
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-idmind-tabletop-usb-cam

      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-asr
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-azure-kinect
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-faces
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-launch
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-haru
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-people
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-dialog
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-msgs
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-zz
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-strawberry-ros-visualization

      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-behavior-tree-*
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-groot

      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-haru-gazebo
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-haru-simulator

      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-haru-barcode-scanner
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-cerevoice-ros
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-fkie-message-filters
      sudo apt install -y ros-neotic-haru-utils
    • change melodic to neotic, added -y to skip the installation hassle of pressing Y at every step
  • Issues
    • ROS neotic uses python3 catkin build, the code package has some problem, will need update

Mounted camera footage unusable without gimbal

Several quite old Videos, mounted camera is unusable without gimbal, as the correction maneuver while doesn't look that dramatic in third-person view, the angle is obviously significant for first person view.


CHKDSK Breaks NTFS permission

After a chkdsk /r /f /v, the chkdsk messed a lot of folder permissions.

The first to notice is OneDrive and Google Drive

The GUI of windows explorer is not capable of reclaiming ownership of folder, which led me to delete the folder in Administrator CMD (Terminal) and re-syncing them. It took a while until I realised it was the wrong approach.

If admin terminal can access them, the files are actually not corrupt. After a bit more searching, I found that using admin terminal is able to reset NTFS previliage. Reason being a lot of other software  installations were broken, as I can't reinstall them and lose all the settings.

Reset NTFS privilage
ICACLS <directory> /T /Q /C /RESET

In the Command:

/T : indicates that this operation is performed on all matching files/directories below the directories specified in the name.
/Q: indicates that icacls should suppress success messages.
/C: indicates that this operation will continue on all file errors. Error messages will still be displayed.
/RESET: resets the previliage

Reference: How to reset NTFS permissions with ICACLS

Moving android app data

adb backup -noapk com.your.packagename

There will be a "x.ab" file

adb restore backup.ab

This can be used for moving data from legacy app that does not have any cloud function to new device.

Android apps data can be moved around without root access using adb:

Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion chart

In the US, the unit used is still imperial, to get an intuitive sense of the temperature, a chart is a good idea. (Put Kelvin in, but it can be cutout)

However, there's no high quality chart for printing online, so I made one in Vector: [AI original] [AI 3.0] [SVG,text outlined] [PDF]

PNG with 300dpi :


Created by Victor Zhang on 23:50, 28/01/2005