About Victor

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  • Cross-disciplinary engineer and technical artist.
  • I participated in the development of hardware/software development for embedded system in multiple projects.
  • I worked with design students as a technical consultant for interactive prototypes as well as taught courses in digital fabrication and game development.
  • I have strong skills for explaining technical knowledge to non-technical personnel.
  • I have also maintained application servers for organizing teaching and learning materials.
  • I’m always learning new technologies to keep up with the pace of the rapid development of digital-fabrication. And I'm always interested in learning new disciplines even when I don't have any background. 
  • Hobbies
    • Video Game
    • Pop Music , amateur musician in
      • Guitarist
      • Bassist
      • Keyboardist
      • Drummer
      • Saxophonist
      • Also music arrangement
  • INTP
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